Can I use multiple LDK activations for Harlequin products on the same machine?

For version Express RIP v10.0r0 you could activate multiple Harlequin LDK licenses on a single machine, but when the RIP was booted it would not necessarily select the correct license if they did not all have identical capabilities, leading to licensing failures and unexpected results. Several changes have been made in Express RIP v10.0r1 (and later) to ensure that each RIP will now, under most circumstances, select the most appropriate license. These changes are intended to assist when transitioning a single RIP installation from watermark or timeā€limited licenses to a production license.

Note: Activating multiple RIP licenses with similar capabilities will lead to each RIP being supplied with what will appear to be a randomly selected license
from the license pool each time it starts. In most cases that means that the RIP serial number each installation receives can change every time it runs, which would prevent plugins, fonts and other encrypted resources that are tied to the serial number from being used.

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