Get dongle info for upgrade to LDK license

  1. If the version of the RIP you are currently running is prior to 10.0r2, install the RIP version 10.0r2 or later as GetDongleInfo.exe is installed with RIP version 10.0r2 and later.
  1. In Explorer, navigate to the folder where the RIP version 11 is installed and go to the ldk sub-folder.

  1. Double-click getdongleinfo.exe to start it. The Get Dongle Information Tool window is prompted.

  1. Click OK to continue. If a dongle is found, a dialog will be prompted with the serial number of the dongle.

  1. Click OK to continue.

  1. The next window will inform you to select a RIP’s SW folder.

NOTE that this is the SW folder for the RIP you are currently running, not RIP version 11.

Navigate to the folder where the current RIP is installed.

  1. Click on the SW folder then click on Select.

  1. You are now asked to select a location to save the dongle information file. Click OK to continue.

  1. By default, the dongle information file will be saved to the ldk sub-folder in the RIP version 11 installation folder.Click Select to continue.

  1. You will be informed that the dongle information file has been saved successfully.

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