How can I apply a saved V2C file

There are a few situations where you may have a V2C file that encapsulates the license activation on specific hardware and you want to apply it so that you can run a RIP.

The V2C file may come from any of the following:

  • Activation of the license succeeded, but installation of the license on the local machine failed for some reason. The LDK Util allows you to save the V2C file which can be applied separately.
    • A license was fully activated and installed and you have manually backed up the V2C file.
    • If you do not have a copy of your original V2C file and need to recover a system you can request a copy of the V2C file from Harlequin Support by sending them the Protection Key ID.
    • You re‐hosted a license and backed up the H2H file (H2H files are functionally equivalent to V2C files for the purposes of re‐application).

Note: Harlequin Support cannot provide a copy V2C file to be re‐applied if the license has been rehosted since it was activated. It is recommended that you back up the H2H file created during re‐hosting for reapplication if required.

Either of the following procedures may be used.

From the command line use:

ldkutil -apply -i .v2c

With a GUI:

  1. Start the LDK Tool.
  2. Click More
  3. Click New License.
  4. Click License this computer.
  5. Click No internet access.
  6. Click Create…. (the file you make here will not be used at all)
  7. Click OK in the next two dialogs.
  8. In the LDK Tool click Locate….
  9. Select the v2c file you wish to apply.
  10. Click Select. An “Activation successful” message is displayed.

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