How do I check and manually install the LDK components?

To activate an LDK license, run the Sentinel Admin Control Center, or to run a RIP the LDK runtime environment must be installed and running.

You can check the current status of the LDK runtime environment in the Windows Services tool:

  • Up to Windows 7 choose Start menu >Administrative Tools > Services, or type Services into the search box in the start menu.
  • In Windows 8 switch to the Start screen and type Services, then select Settings on the right and click on the Services icon.

Check that either the “Sentinel Local License Manager” or “Sentinel LDK License Manager” service is installed and running. If it is installed but not running set the Startup Type to Automatic and start it.

If it is not installed do the following:

  • Open a command window
  • Change directory to the \ldk directory within your RIP install directory using cd.
  • Enter:
haspdinst.exe –install

Follow the on‐screen instructions to complete the installation.

Note: The haspdinst.exe executable provides usage information when run with no arguments.

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