LDK Terminologies

Product Key

A product key is delivered as the license for the Express RIP. You will receive a product key when you purchase an Express RIP.

A Product Key always contains 36 characters and hyphens. For example:


Protection Key ID

After activation, a Protection Key ID is generated. Each activation can be identified using the Protection Key ID. The length of the Protection Key ID varies, but is shorter than 36 characters, and contains no hyphens.

For example:


C2V File

aka fingerprint file

This file encapsulates the information about a computer.

When activating an Express RIP, if the RIP computer does not have internet access, a C2V file must be generated on the RIP computer and then moved to a computer with internet access to complete the activation. The C2V file in this case is named –

<machine name>.fingerprint.c2v

When transferring an Express RIP from one computer to another computer, a C2V file must be generated on the computer that the RIP will be moved to. The C2V file in this case is named –

<machine name>.recipient.c2v

V2C File

Activated LDK licenses are encapsulated into V2C files.

When an LDK license is activated on the RIP computer, a V2C file is generated and is saved into the following directory after activation.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel LDK\installed\109670

Files may be named:

<Key ID>_base.v2c for an original RIP activation.

<Key ID>_update<N>.v2c for a Protection Key Update.

Key ID is the Protection Key ID.

When activating an Express RIP and the RIP computer does not have internet access, a V2C file is generated on the computer with internet access, based on the C2V file generated on the RIP computer. The V2C file is moved back to the RIP computer and installed there to complete the activation. The V2C file in this case is named –

<machine name>.license.v2c

H2H File

An H2H file is required for transferring a license from one computer to the other. It is generated on the computer currently running the RIP.

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