Re-install and re-activate a RIP on the same hardware

There are a number of situations which may lead to a RIP needing to be re‐installed on the same hardware.

The following describes two of these situations:

1. You have removed and re-installed the RIP with no change to the operating system

The Express RIP uninstaller will completely remove the LDK runtime, but will not delete any activations that have already been applied.

You can re‐install the RIP using the regular installer. If you are using the Express RIP installer you will be prompted to enter the Product Key or to “Skip this step”. Select Skip this step and the runtimes will be installed and started and your RIP will run without any further action.

Note: The LDK runtime supplied with Express RIP v10.0r1 (v6.56) sometimes does not recognize the presence of the previous activations and therefore does not immediately permit the RIP to run.

Rebooting the computer (or stopping and restarting the Sentinel Local License Manager service), will trigger it to find and apply the pre‐existing activations.

This behavior was corrected in LDK runtime v6.60, which was included with Express RIP v10.0r2.

2. The hard disk has been reformatted

If this is a planned process and you have not already backed up the V2C files for existing activations on the computer, you should back up those files before reformatting the hard disk. Please see the post LDK Backup Procedure for details.

If the rebuild of the computer was forced by circumstances and you do not have a backup of the V2C file you can request one from Harlequin Support by supplying the original Product Key or the Protection Key ID for the license.

Once you have the required V2C file you should install the RIP and LDK runtime as normal. The Express RIP installer will prompt you to activate the license, but you should select Skip this step.

Once the RIP is installed follow the instructions for applying an existing V2C file as described in the post How can I apply a saved V2C file.

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