Dongle Part Numbers

Each dongle is shipped from Compose bearing a part number, which can be broken down into several sections:



Describes the physical dongle itself.

Values on currently shipping dongles are:

PU1 – SuperPro USB dongle (teal).


Describes the highest resolution at which output may be produced.

N – No limit.

Ra –  Resolution is limited to a x 100. For example:

R6 – Restricted to 600 dpi.

R15 – Restricted to 1500 dpi.


Describes which versions of the Harlequin RIP the dongle will enable:

10 .. 50

Allows use of a specific major version of the Harlequin RIP and all earlier versions (where major version refers to the first digit in the RIP release version, e.g. release 8.2r1 has major version 8).

23 – Allows full use of version 7.0 and later of the RIP (no password required)

31 – Allows restricted use of version 7.0 and later of the RIP.

Note that additional permits are often available to extend the use of a dongle for up to 2 major versions after that for which it was issued, after which it has to be replaced.


This Is the unique ID assigned to each Harlequin RIP OEM by GGS. It is written in hexadecimal and is followed immediately by any of the flags described next. For example, demonstration dongles use the flag D, so you would see 09D for a demonstration dongle for customer number 0x9. Evaluation (generic)

RIPs will be shown as customer number 0B and will always have D appended.


Represents a number of potential restrictions on the RIP. Each restriction has its own code letter, as listed below:

D – A demo dongle.

F – A dongle where PDF input requires a password.

G – A dongle with GUI control/display denied (EE/headless RIP).

H – A dongle where the use of HPS requires a password.

P – A dongle requiring passwords for plugins.

S – A dongle where PostScript language input requires a password.

T – A dongle for a time expiry RIP.

W – A dongle for a watermarked RIP.

X – A dongle that has increased security.

Note that all of the flags may be used in combination.

For example:

SF – A dongle where PostScript language and PDF input requires a password (raster‐only RIP).


Describes which platform/operating system the dongle is valid for, displayed in hexadecimal.

Full dongles may only be used with a single product.

2 – PowerMac

A7 – Microsoft Windows on Intel 32‐bit platforms.

67 – Windows XP/2000 on Intel platforms (SMP)

87 – Linux on Intel 32‐bit platforms.

For example, this would be a valid label:


Full dongle for customer 9, for use under a Windows XP/2000 platform, limited to 1000 dpi.


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