Express RIP for SureColor Printers

Compose has developed printer plugins for the Epson SureColor printers. The plugins are developed specially for the proofing market and fully utilize the high speed ripping and advanced color management functions of the Express RIP.

Supported SureColor Printers

Supported SureColor printers are –

Model Names in Asia Pacific

Epson SureColor P10080
Epson SureColor P20080

Epson SureColor P9080 (Bundled LLK Ink)
Epson SureColor P9080 (Bundled Violet Ink)
Epson SureColor P8080
Epson SureColor P7080 (Bundled LLK Ink)
Epson SureColor P7080 (Bundled Violet Ink)
Epson SureColor P6080

Model Names in Rest of the World

Epson SureColor P10000
Epson SureColor P20000

Epson SureColor P9000 Standard Edition
Epson SureColor P9000 Commercial Edition
Epson SureColor P8000
Epson SureColor P7000 Standard Edition
Epson SureColor P7000 Commercial Edition
Epson SureColor P6000


There are 2 editions for P7000 and P9000 – Standard and Commercial.

  1. The Standard Edition printer is bundled with LLK Ink. This cannot be modified after installation of the ink.
  2. The Commercial Edition printer is bundled with Violet Ink. This cannot be modified after installation of the ink.

In the US, there are two editions for the P6000 and P8000 – Standard and Designer.

  1. The Standard edition is the printer only.
  2. The Designer edition is the printer bundled with a 3rd party RIP.

Express RIP Versions

The Epson SureColor Printer Plugins are supported on –

  • Express RIP v11.x
  • Express RIP v12.x

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