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I want to know more about LDK

What is LDK?

What are concurrency and activation counts?

Can I run HLS and LDK on the same machine?

Can I use multiple LDK activations for Harlequin products on the same machine?

Run multiple RIPs from one license

Virtual Machine Support

LDK Terminology

I am about to activate LDK license for my Express RIP

How to Activate LDK Dongle-less RIP License?

I have activated my Express RIP and I want to backup my license.

LDK Backup Procedure

I encountered some problems during activation.

What do I do when a RIP reports it cannot get an LDK license?

What issues can arise while activating a soft-lock or VMlock?

The computer my Express RIP is running on has crashed.

Re-install and re-activate a RIP on the same hardware

How can I apply a saved V2C file?

I want to move my Express RIP to a faster computer.

How to Transfer LDK License?

I have an older Express RIP with the Sentinel dongle, but I want to upgrade to the latest version with LDK license.

Switching from HLS to LDK

Get dongle info for upgrade to LDK license

Disable Express RIP Dongles

For advanced user only

Where are the LDK components located?

How do I check and manually install the LDK components?