Velocity 2 Security & Options

Dongle Types

Velocity v2 will run with the following dongles –
  • Velocity v1 Demo dongle
  • Velocity v2 Demo dongle
  • Velocity v2 Standard dongle
Without a dongle, Velocity 2 will run in Watermark mode.
If the Velocity v1 Standard dongle is plugged in, Velocity v2 will run in Watermark mode.

Watermark Mode

In Watermark mode, Velocity v2 will have the following limitations –
  1. The string Velocity Demo will appear on every page
  2. The output PDF cannot be edited or printed.
  3. The maximum number of records it will handle is 100.

Velocity 2 Chargeable Options

Velocity 2 has the following chargeable options –
  1. Advanced Step & Repeat
  2. Enhanced QR Code
  3. Velocity Automation